JUICE CHARGER easy 1 (förderfähig von der KFW) - Shop4Tesla
JUICE CHARGER easy 1 - Shop4Tesla
JUICE CHARGER easy 1 - Shop4Tesla
JUICE CHARGER easy 1 - Shop4Tesla
JUICE CHARGER easy 1 - Shop4Tesla
JUICE CHARGER easy 1 - Shop4Tesla

Juice Charger easy 1

€999,00 €1.299,00
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  • Funded by KFW with 900€ (see description)
  • Versatile for all type 2 electric cars
  • Charge as a mobile charging solution on the go with up to 22 kW
  • Integrated residual current circuit breaker and ground wire monitoring (installed in the Juice Booster)
  • Detects AC and DC faults
  • Waterproof and can be driven over with a wheel load of up to 3 tons
  • Latest software for Tesla: "Scheduled Departure Time" is supported
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JUICE CHARGER easy 1 (förderfähig von der KFW) - Shop4Tesla

Juice Charger easy 1

€999,00 €1.299,00
The JUICE CHARGER easy is a cheap, versatile and reliable wall box. Ideal for home or company underground parking spaces. Identify, unlock, control, bill. The easy-Box turns the station into a permanently installed wall box. Robust, remotely controllable and load-shedding by your energy supplier. You are prepared for the future!
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Scope of delivery
Included in the JUICE CHARGER easy 1

- Adapter JUICE CELSIUS CEE 7/7 (Schuko) (EU)
- Adapter CEE32, 3-phase (red)
- Charger easy 1
- Wall bracket for the JUICE BOOSTER 2
- Bag with Velcro strips and logo


Dimensions easy-Box: height 360 mm, width 110 mm, depth 80 mm
Dimensions JUICE BOOSTER 2: height 280 mm, width 160 mm, depth 80 mm, cable length 3 m Weight: approx. 6.5 kg total
Input current: 230 V, 6-32 A (1-phase) AC or 400 V, 6-32 A (3-phase) AC Output power: max. 11 kW (16 A, three-phase)
material, colour: aluminium, plastic, anthracite
connection: fixed, to be carried out by the electrician
CE- Conformity: IEC 61851 Mode 3, EMC RoHS
Degree of protection - RCD - safety: IP54, RCD DC 6 mA, AC 30 mA
Connector mains side: over 25 self-detecting adapters available for household -, industrial and EV sockets, supply line 1.4 m + adapter approx. 30 cm
coupling vehicle side: type 2/type 1 (IEC 62196), cable length: 3.1 m
connection Control unit (easy-Box) and booster permanently connected. Easy-Box can only be opened with a tool.

        For KfW 440 for private individuals:
IMPORTANT: Currently, it is not possible to submit new applications to KfW440 (residential buildings) to promote the wallbox.

However, if you have already submitted an application, you can still submit the invoice of the wallbox together with the invoice from the electrician and receive the 900€ subsidy. The deadline for submission is usually 9 months after the date of the application to KfW. The following points should be noted:

  • Exactly €900 can be funded per charging point, provided that the total investment (purchase + installation) per charging point is at least €900.
  • The submission to KfW must include the invoice of the wallbox, the invoice from the electrician and proof of use of green electricity.
  • 22 kW wallboxes can be funded if they are on the list of eligible wallboxes and are throttled to 11 kW by the electrician.

More information can be found on the website of the KfW. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!