NRGkick Steckeraufsatz Set Select - Shop4Tesla
NRGkick Steckeraufsatz Set Select - Shop4Tesla

Plug attachment for NRGkick Set Select

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  • 32A 5pol - for connection to three-phase 32A sockets (max. 32A/22kW)
  • 16A 5pol - for connection to three-phase 16A sockets (max. 16A/11kW)
  • 16A 3pol - for connection to single-phase 16A sockets (max. 16A/3.7kW)
  • Type E+F "Schuko" - for connection to household sockets (max. 13A/3kW)

Attention: Only suitable for the NRGkick, not for other charging cables!


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NRGkick Steckeraufsatz Set Select - Shop4Tesla

Plug attachment for NRGkick Set Select

€275,00 €295,00

Patented safety connector system

  • Consisting of plug unit and plug attachments
    All plug attachments measure the temperature on each individual phase pin - with the plug attachment type E+F "Schuko" even on both pins! Other charging units do not measure the temperature at all or only on Schuko adapters. With NRGkick KfW Select and the plug attachments, you are on the safe side: Your NRGkick knows exactly whether a socket that is not installed optimally is causing excessive heat and avoids dangerous situations before they arise. If the socket gets too hot, NRGkick reduces the charging current completely independently.
  • Avoidance of arcing through automatic detachment detection
    The connector system reliably prevents arcing. As the only charging unit on the market, the current flow is interrupted here even before the contacts leave each other!
  • High-quality design
    All contact elements of the connector unit and the connector attachments are silver-coated. This ensures the best contact properties even after many years and thousands of mating cycles!
  • Automatic plug attachment detection
    The plug attachment used is intelligent and, for example, not only transmits the temperature values ​​or a country-specific charging current limit to the NRGkick - it is of course also identified by the NRGkick charging unit. This ensures that, for example, when using an NRGkick 16A plug attachment, charging can only be carried out with a maximum of 16A.
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