At Shop4EV, we not only want to offer you high-quality accessories for your Tesla, but we also want to work transparently and, above all, sustainably. That's why we also communicate very clearly with our products where they are produced.

You will find a note about the country of origin of our accessories on every product page. In addition to this information, we have summarized more information about our purchasing and our strategy for more sustainable products.

Germany, Italy, China... Where does what come from?

Sustainable origin

Like most online stores, we started importing accessories for Tesla models from China. Since there are a few big producers in China that make most of the products, you will find very similar products in various online stores for Tesla accessories, sometimes just under slightly different names. The quantities and the variety that is produced here is large and the creativity in the development of the products is also surprising. However, the quality is sometimes not good and varies greatly between the batches.

For us it was always clear that we want to support local producers, develop our own products and bring production to Germany or the EU under the aspect of sustainability. That's why today we have probably the largest range of products that don't have to be shipped halfway around the world on huge container ships. With our brand 2befair we have actively started this change to local products ourselves and offer you very high quality rubber mats with recycled materials from Germany.

More products will follow under our brand 2befair.

Why buy products from China at Shop4EV?

You will still find products from China at Shop4EV. Since transparency is important to us, we have marked them for you for a better overview. Since the establishment of Shop4EV, we have built a trustworthy network of suppliers and can thus guarantee a good quality of the products that we offer in our store. We test the products regularly and check the products with every new delivery if they still meet our quality requirements. And if a product arrives at you that is not convincing in quality, it is possible to return the product to us in Shop4EV according to the German legislation without any problems. We take over the costs for the return and take back the goods up to 30 days after delivery. The goods offered by us we have in stock and can of course send them to you immediately. Customs fees or the like do not come more on you. If one of our products is not in stock, you will be informed about a corresponding notice. So you can shop with us absolutely without risk and if you have any questions, you can always call us or write a message.

By ordering from us, you also support our mission to offer more sustainable accessories for your Tesla. We are constantly working on new products that allow us to support local manufacturing. For some products it will be difficult to replace them, but we don't rule out the possibility of completely eliminating imports from China in the future with your support. However, this is a question of resources and cannot be implemented overnight.