Why should I order from Shop4EV and who is behind it?

Shop4EV is the result of the experience gained by Shop4Tesla. Already since December 2019 Shop4Tesla the online store for high quality Tesla accessories. Since October 2020, we are located with our store at Bäckerbreitergang 12 in downtown Hamburg. The team behind the online stores now consists of 7 employees. However, not only high-quality accessories for electric cars important to us, but also a high customer satisfaction. The many 5-star ratings on Trustpilot show that we can do this. We are very proud of that! But we want to offer more than just high-quality accessories for electric cars, but also accessories that are produced sustainably and fairly. We are taking this step with our brand 2befair, which we launched in early 2022. Starting with rubber mats for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, we also want to offer accessories for other electric cars. Together with you, we want to change the market for electric car accessories and make it future-proof.

All information about what 2befair stands for and what makes 2befair so special can be found on our website. 2befair.me for you.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our team

CEO & Founder

Nico Pliquett

Chief Operating Officer

Constantin Hoffmann

Product Manager & Client Advisor

Philip opponent

Content Manager

Nick Hoffmann

Client Advisor

Nils Repen

Marketing Manager

Nico Hübner

eCommerce Manager

Petar Simeonov

Agency Dog & Good Vibes Manager

Aki (Akela)