Climate & Environment

Electric powered vehicles do not emit any CO2, carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Of course, this is only the case if the electricity used to charge the battery is supplied by renewable energy. In addition, the need for raw materials such as petroleum is much lower, so once again the environment is protected. There are also no dangers of environmental disasters, such as sinking oil freighters, broken pipelines or other modes of transportation. As a vehicle owner of a combustion engine, you have to accept all these disadvantages willy-nilly.


Same topic, different meaning: Fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal are not infinitely available.In contrast, batteries can be charged using renewable energy. So if you want to drive a car with a clear conscience, you have the opportunity to do so. Who would like to do still more, installs a Photovoltaikanlage in the own home and can so autarkic "refuel" and drive.

Air quality

Especially city dwellers know it all: If you drive to the village, you realize how bad the air is in urban centers. All of a sudden it feels like driving with an oxygen tank. Respiratory problems and other long-term effects are not uncommon. Electric cars do not pollute the air while driving.

100% battery

Some say electric cars have too little range, the "constant" charging of the battery is annoying and a combustion engine is much more comfortable. But in perspective, the ability to charge your car daily with range can be very practical. Plug it in in the evening, and the next morning you can always start the day with a 100% battery. This creates independence and mobility. In addition, the charging process will become shorter and shorter in the next few years and the fast charging networks of the various providers will be further expanded.


The electric car beats gasoline and diesel vehicles in efficiency at the latest. Recuperation charges the car when braking, coasting and driving downhill. The recovered energy is thus fed back into the battery. And in general, electrically powered cars usually have a very efficient power train compared to internal combustion engines.


The argument for smart spenders. Electric cars save money in two ways: First, electricity costs are lower than the cost of gasoline or diesel, especially at home. Second, the good efficiency also helps to consume less electricity. In addition, electric customers do not have to pay vehicle tax for 10 years and an electric car hardly has any service or maintenance costs anyway. Good or?


Probably the electric sector is the area with the most demanded innovations. Existing technologies are being exhausted and new technologies are being invented so that electric cars can go even further, become faster and more efficient. There is definitely room for improvement, and the infrastructure around an electric car will also continue to improve.

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