2befair jack pads for the Tesla Model 3/Y
2befair jack pads for the Tesla Model 3/Y
2befair jack pads for the Tesla Model 3/Y
2befair jack pads for the Tesla Model 3/Y
2befair jack pads for the Tesla Model 3/Y
2befair jack pads for the Tesla Model 3/Y
Made in Germany

2befair jack pads for the Tesla Model 3/Y

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  • Jack pads for safe lifting
  • Protects the battery and the underbody
  • Suitable for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
  • Up to 3 tons load
  • Scope of delivery: Optionally 4 pieces or 1 piece
  • Perfect fit
  • Optional: With magnet
  • Compatibility with your vehicle model - See description below
  • Attention: The new Model Y Standard Range from German production (since 05.23) are delivered with a battery from BYD or CATL. Vehicles with a BYD battery have a different mount for jack pads. Please select the appropriate variant. Exact information can be found further down in the description!
Style: 1x Magnetic without storage
1x Magnetic without storage
4x Magnetic in screw box
4x normal in screw box
Size: No BYD battery
No BYD battery
Model Y SR with BYD battery (VIN: XP7...E.......)
Ware auf Lager: Lieferzeit innerhalb Deutschlands 1 bis 3 Werktage, EU Ausland 3 bis 7 Werktage

  • Shipping: Free from 50€ to Germany and EU. For Switzerland and Norway free from 150€.


In the Tesla, the heart of the vehicle (the battery) is located in the vehicle floor. This means that it is more easily exposed to the risk of damage when being lifted. With the 2befair jack pads, we offer the perfect protection for the Tesla battery. Thanks to the revised fit, our 2befair jack pads fit perfectly into the small holes in the underbody. This distributes the load over the 4 jack pads, which can easily carry up to 3 tons of weight. They are made of robust and high-strength acetal, which is durable, stable and non-slip. The surface is provided with a rubber pad that offers optimum protection for the side sills and the battery. The perfect fit offers optimum protection for the Tesla. The diameter is 6.4 cm, the height 3.8 cm. The lower height means they fit better on standard jacks.

Attention: When using a car jack, it should have a flat support plate holder of at least Ø65mm! A crown-like mount can damage the pad.

The jack pads are available in magnetic and non-magnetic versions. With the magnetic version, the pads are prevented from falling out by the integrated magnet.
In response to popular demand, we now also offer the magnetic pads individually. This is an alternative if you change the tires yourself at home with a jack and no lifting platform is available.

The 2befair jack pads are manufactured especially for us in Germany. In this way, we not only reduce CO2 emissions during production, but also during transportation and ensure fair production.


Make sure you choose the right variant! The Model Y rear-wheel drive (Standard Range) from German production are delivered with a BYD or CATL battery, for which different jack pads are required. Please select the appropriate variant.

How do I know which version my Model Y is?

The chassis number is the safest way to find out where your Model Y was built. You can find the chassis number in the lower section of the windshield on the passenger side or in the vehicle registration document. The first three letters provide information:

LRW = Made in China (MIC)

XP7 = Made in Germany (MIG)

Example: XP7YGCEJ3PB000000 = Made in Germany with BYD battery

In order to recognize whether a BYD or CATL battery is installed in the Model Y rear-wheel drive from Germany, the 7 digit of the chassis number is decisive.

Vehicles with an E in this position mean BYD battery, vehicles with an F in this position mean CATL battery. This only applies to vehicles with rear-wheel drive from Germany!


Tesla Model 3 02.2019 - Today

Tesla Model Y 08.2021 - Today

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As the first product under the brand 2befair we will offer our well-known rubber mats for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Thus, we no longer have to import these rubber mats, but have them produced regionally. Our rubber mats already consist of 30% recycled material. But we are already working on increasing this percentage to make the product even more sustainable. Best of all, you get a 10-year warranty on our rubber mats!

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