2befair leather and interior care set for all Tesla models
2befair leather and interior care set for all Tesla models
2befair leather and interior care set for all Tesla models
Made in Germany

2befair leather and interior care set for all Tesla models

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  • Exclusive cleaning set for all Tesla interiors 
  • Including color refresher (white & black)
  • Developed in cooperation with Colourlock Leather Center
  • Specially developed for the vegan leather from Tesla
  • Cleans, refreshes and seals the surface
  • Made in Germany
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2befair leather and interior care set for all Tesla models

2befair leather and interior care set for all Tesla models


Our comprehensive 2befair leather care and cleaning set is specially designed for the vegan leather of the Tesla brand. In collaboration with the company Lederzentrum, we have developed the perfect system for caring for your Tesla interior. Whether your Tesla has white or black vegan leather, with our 2befair cleaning set you can optimally care for and protect your Tesla seats. The care product also cleans and refreshes the leather without leaving an artificial shine. You can find the exact contents of our leather and interior care set below under: Contents

Vegan leather should be cleaned and protected regularly for optimum cleaning and preservation. Our 2befair care set contains everything you need to clean and care for your Tesla leather. Soiled surfaces are cleaned again and protected from new soiling and ageing.

With our 2befair cleaning set you support the production "Made in Germany". This not only reduces CO2 emissions during production, but also during transportation. We also pay attention to the high quality and fair and sustainable production of our 2befair products.

Explanation of vegan leather: In so-called "vegan leather", vegetable fibers are added during production. These fibers fall off during the production of fruit juices and the harvesting of fruit. These new materials not only have the appearance of leather, but are also robust and hard-wearing.


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Contents Color refresher - perfect for freshening up the interior:

  • 2 x 30 ml Leather Fresh (1 x white & 1 x black)
  • 150 ml Leather Protector
  • 1 x sanding pad
  • 1 x viscose cloth
  • 1 x sponge applicator

Cleaning & care contents - compiled for the perfect care of your interior:

  • 200 ml Interior Cleaner
  • 150 ml Interior Sealer
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • 1 x sponge applicator



Instructions for correct application are included.


Our brand 2befair stands for sustainably and at the same time fairly produced accessories for electric cars. Furthermore, we pay a lot of attention to an extraordinary good quality and transparency of our producers. To prevent long delivery routes and thus unnecessary Co2 emissions, our products are produced as regionally as possible.

As the first product under the brand 2befair we will offer our well-known rubber mats for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Thus, we no longer have to import these rubber mats, but have them produced regionally. Our rubber mats already consist of 30% recycled material. But we are already working on increasing this percentage to make the product even more sustainable. Best of all, you get a 10-year warranty on our rubber mats!

In the future, many more products will follow under the 2befair brand. Our goal is to further expand and sustainably change the accessories market!With our brand 2befair we give you our brand promise! Let's do everything possible to think fair and sustainable together! For our environment!

For more information feel free to visit our website for 2befair, the brand for sustainable car accessoriesvisit. We are looking forward to your visit!