Premium Soundsystem für das Tesla Model 3/Y - Shop4Tesla
Premium Soundsystem für das Tesla Model 3/Y - Shop4Tesla
Premium Soundsystem für das Tesla Model 3/Y - Shop4Tesla
Premium Soundsystem für das Tesla Model 3/Y - Shop4Tesla
Premium Soundsystem für das Tesla Model 3/Y - Shop4Tesla
Premium Soundsystem für das Tesla Model 3/Y - Shop4Tesla

Premium sound system for the Tesla Model 3/Y

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  • High-quality sound system for the Tesla Model 3 LR/Performance until 10.2023 and all Model Y SR/LR/Performance
  • Includes subwoofer, mid/bass driver, midrange driver and tweeter
  • Easy installation with pre-assembled cables and adapter rings (assembled and manufactured in Germany)
  • No intervention in the vehicle electronics required
  • High-quality speakers developed in Germany
  • 100% removable
  • More definition and clarity
  • On request including installation at 4 partner workshops in Germany (see description)
Installation: D-42853 Remscheid
D-42853 Remscheid
D-53804 Much
D-63916 Amorbach
D-79541 Lörrach
Without installation
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  • Shipping: Free from 50€ to Germany and EU. For Switzerland and Norway free from 150€.


Get ready for a whole new sound experience in your Tesla with our premium sound system for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. We've carefully crafted this set to give you unparalleled sound during your drives and charging breaks.


The sound system includes:

  • 1x subwoofer for deep and precise bass
  • 2x mid/woofers for the front doors to give your music a rich sound
  • 3x midrange drivers for the dashboard for clear mids and impressive clarity
  • 2x tweeters for the front doors (in front of the side mirror), which reproduce the highs precisely.

And best of all, all the necessary cables and plug-in adapters are already pre-assembled, making installation child's play. The adapter rings for installing the speakers in the original mounts are also already prepared. You also receive a mini ratchet and a plastic wedge for installation as well as printed instructions that guide you step by step through the installation process.

The only thing you need yourself is a screwdriver (for Torx and/or hexagon socket screws, depending on the vehicle), a cutter/scissors or better a wire stripper (if available) and possibly a flashlight, depending on where you are working.

The best thing about our sound system is that you don't need to interfere with or change the electrics of your Tesla. It can be installed almost anywhere by simply plugging it in, which means that the system is 100% removable. All connections for the tweeter, midrange driver and woofer/midrange driver are plugged in. Only at one point do the plug-in sleeves have to be disconnected, as the replacement speaker has cable clamps. However, this can also be removed again if new plug-in sleeves are fitted - the original can then be reinstalled. This means that our sound system is also fully suitable for leased vehicles.

The system is characterized by its high-quality components. The speakers were developed in Germany and offer more bass pressure, more definition and clarity as well as significantly less distortion, even at higher volumes.

Please note that the new speakers allow for a higher final volume overall. However, your vehicle amplifier remains unchanged and may reach its limits. We therefore recommend that you do not use the last 1-3 volume levels in the vehicle menu, depending on the genre and title, in order to avoid unwanted intervention by the limiter. This can otherwise produce unsightly artifacts.

Information on installation in a partner workshop:

Don't have the confidence to install it yourself? No problem - if you wish, you can also have the system professionally installed in one of 4 workshops in Germany. If you have selected the appropriate option, we will contact you after your order so that an appointment can be arranged.
Allow 3-4 hours for the installation in the workshop, during which you will have to leave your car there.

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