The start of!

von Nico Pliquett an Mar 29, 2021

Der Start von!

Our new shop for wall boxes and electrical accessories is finally online! After the launch of the successful car rental company "" and the Tesla-specific online shop Shop4Tesla. com, we now offer a specialized shop for charging solutions. We want to broaden our horizons and since we also rely on Hyundai, Volkswagen and BMW models for rental, we don't just want to appeal to Tesla lovers with Above all, the need for private charging solutions became clear in the form of customer feedback. The shop offers wall boxes as well as mobile charging stations from the best quality manufacturers. We attach great importance to functionality but also design - because electro can be stylish and we show it! In addition, we make it easy for anyone who wants to get into the world of electronics - as a guide, we offer introductions to the most important electrical topics and are happy to offer personal talks by phone or in our ElektroHub.

The shop is now online! With our proven warehouse in Henstedt-Ulzburg (Schleswig-Holstein) we can guarantee fast delivery. We are constantly working on expanding the range and are already planning further products. There are many ways to "electrify" your home! We start with the "tried and tested" Juice Booster products, the stylish Pulsar Plus wall box and the compact go-eCharger Homefix+. Accessories are already available - there is something for everyone. We wish you a lot of fun with these products and look forward to exchanging ideas with you!