The KfW follows up! Another €100 million for Wallbox funding!

von Nico Pliquett an Jun 02, 2021

Die KfW legt nach! Weitere 100€ Mio. für Wallbox-Förderung!

The first funding package started with €200 million, making electric cars and charging stations more affordable for end customers. In the meantime, further funds have been thrown into the funding pot due to the high response. Since the beginning of May it has now totaled €500 million. This means that many more funding applications can still be submitted and the talk of exhausted funding has come to an end for the time being. Now it's time to apply quickly!

“300,000 wall boxes in just over three months - this enormous demand shows that we are spot on with our support program. Since the majority of all charging processes will take place at home, we are supporting tenants, homeowners and landlords to install private charging stations with a 900 euro subsidy from the federal government. My thanks go to Olaf Scholz, who has provided us with a further 100 million euros so that we can continue our Wallbox funding. Charging must be possible anywhere and anytime. A comprehensive and user-friendly charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for more people switching to climate-friendly e-cars.”
Andreas Scheuer

Our eligible wallboxes

Juice Charger Easy 1 Wallbox Pulsar Plus go-eCharger Homefix
Juice Charger Easy 1
Wallbox Pulsar Plus
11kW, 22kW
go-eCharger Homefix

You still don't have your own electric car? No problem - even if you drive a combustion engine, you can apply for a subsidy so that you can later own an electric car. Until then, you can have a wall box installed and be in the starting blocks.

To find out exactly how to apply for a grant, please visit our guide.