Sales ban for the VW ID.6 in Germany remains

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 24, 2024

Verkaufsverbot für den VW ID.6 in Deutschland bleibt bestehen

The ban on sales for the Elektro SUV VW ID.6 in Germany remains, as the Hamburg Higher Regional Court decided. The ID.6, which is mainly manufactured for the Chinese market, may still not be offered in Germany.

Volkswagen had stopped selling the vehicles by a Berlin car dealer at an injunction after he imported a total of 22 ID.6 models in 2022 and offered them for sale. The dealer offered the vehicles for 39,000 euros. The Hamburg Regional Court had confirmed the injunction, and the Hamburg Higher Regional Court now rejected the retailer's appeal.

Court confirms the ban on sales

According to the automotive week, the Hamburg Higher Regional Court declared the merchant's appeal permissible, but unfounded. The court saw the prerequisites for an injunction as a given, which Volkswagen also confirmed. The dealer concerned did not comment on the judgment until the report was published.

The main proceedings are still open

Although the ban on sales has been confirmed, the legal dispute has not yet been completed. The main proceedings are still pending at the Hamburg Regional Court, but no negotiation date has yet been determined.

Reasons for the ban on sales

Volkswagen justified the rigorous approach by the fact that the ID. Models produced for China were not approved due to their hardware and software configuration in Europe. "We would like to protect customers from experiencing surprises in this regard or experiencing financial disadvantages," said a spokesman for the company.

The almost 4.90 meter long electric SUV VW ID.6 has a range of up to 600 kilometers. Despite these impressive specifications, Volkswagen does not provide for this model in Europe. The car manufacturer fears that the models made in China do not meet the European standards and would therefore not receive the necessary approvals.


The ban on sales for VW ID.6 in Germany remains for the time being, and the legal dispute continues. Volkswagen would like to ensure that their vehicles meet the European standards in order to protect customers from possible problems and financial losses. The outcome of the main proceedings remains to be seen, but until then the ban remains, and the importer must continue to adhere to the court's decision.