VW ID.7 writes history: First ADAC test winner with top grade

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 25, 2024

VW ID.7 schreibt Geschichte: Erster ADAC-Testsieger mit Bestnote

A milestone in the automotive world: For the first time, a vehicle received the top grade "very good" in the current ADAC test. The ADAC, known for its breakdown aid and comprehensive vehicle tests, has gave the German electric car VW ID.7 an overall grade of 1.5, which is at the top of the models tested.

VW ID.7 exceeds more expensive models from BMW and Mercedes

The VW ID.7, an electrical limousine, has prevailed against strong competition. With a price from 56,995 euros, the VW ID.7 cut off better than the more expensive BMW IX XDRIVE 50 and Mercedes EQs 450+ Electric, both of which received a grade of 1.6. The almost five-meter-long VW ID.7 was tested in the equipment Pro with a 77 kWh battery and convinced the ADAC testers in several categories.

Spacious and comfortable: the VW ID.7 impresses in the interior

The testers praised the space of the ID.7. Both on the front seats and on the back seat, the generous dimensions offer even large passengers enough legroom. The trunk of the vehicle, with a measured capacity of 460 to 1460 liters, was also rated positively, although it is below the factory information from 532 to 1586 liters.

Excellent handling and efficient performance

The VW ID.7 also impresses with its handling. With a turning circle of only 10.7 meters, it shows himself agile despite its size. The drive convinces with a powerful electric machine on the rear axle, which enables dynamic acceleration with 210 kW (286 hp). The good noise insulation ensures a quiet driving experience, while the 15-inch touchscreen offers user-friendly operation.

Remarkable power consumption and charging capacity

With a consumption of only 18.1 kWh per 100 kilometers, the ID.7 impressed the testers. With a mixed driving profile, it reached a range of 485 kilometers, which is below the WLTP standard of up to 621 kilometers, but is still respectable. The charging power even exceeded expectations: the ID. 7 reached up to 190 kW on DC charging stations, although the factory specification is 175 kW. From 10 to 80 percent loading state, the ID.7 only needed 31 minutes, which corresponds to a range of 373 kilometers.

Security and criticisms

Thanks to extensive safety equipment, the VW ID.7 also received a top rating of 1.1 in this category. Critical points were the high purchase price, the low trailer load, the only moderate payload and the missing storage space under the front hood. Despite these aspects, ID.7 achieved the best ADAC grade of 1.5.

The VW ID.7 thus sets a new standard for electric vehicles and shows that German engineering continues to set standards in terms of quality and performance. With this award, Volkswagen underpins its leading position in the field of electromobility.