VW commercial vehicles plans to increase production and new basic version of the ID. Buzz

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 26, 2024

VW Nutzfahrzeuge plant Produktionssteigerung und neue Basisversion des ID. Buzz

New entry-level variant announced with 62 kWh battery

VW Commercial Vehicles (VWN) plans to offer its range of electrical minibuses by introducing a new entry variant of the ID. To expand buzz. This new version will be equipped with a smaller 62 kWh battery, which should position the price below the current model. Lars Krause, marketing board at VWN, announced these plans in an interview with the "Automobilwoche", but did not give any precise details about the market launch or price of the new variant.

Production increase in the second half of 2024

In addition to the introduction of the new basic version, VWN is planning, the production of the ID. Buzz increase significantly. In the second half of 2024, twice as many vehicles are to be produced as in the previous year. In 2023, 35,000 ID ran in Hanover. Buzz off the assembly line. This increase in production is through the introduction of new variants such as the powerful all -wheel drive GTX and a long version of the ID. Buzz supports.

Electrification goals and future models

VWN is aiming to achieve an electrical share of 55 percent in his vehicle fleet by 2030. Krause is convinced that the electric drive in vans in Europe will be the preferred drive over the next three to four years. Countries such as Norway and the Netherlands already show a high level of acceptance for electric vehicles, which is due to strict national legislation.

The new generation of the VW Transporter, which will be built by Ford Otosan in Turkey on the basis of the Transit Custom, will also receive a battery -electric version. In addition, the new VW Crafter will be presented in 2028, which is based on a purely electrical platform.

Diversity and potential of the electrical transporters

Krause emphasizes the enormous potential of electrical transporters, as two thirds of the customers could already manage their everyday life with an electrical van. VWN plans to offer a large variety of variants to convince customers of the advantages of electromobility. The new van will offer various versions, from the panel van to the double cabin.


The introduction of a new entry variant of the ID. Buzz and the planned increase in production underline VWN's commitment to electromobility. With a wide range of electrical vans and ambitious production goals, VWN wants to further promote the acceptance and distribution of electric vehicles.