Volkswagen lists successes with a discount strategy in China

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 09, 2024

Volkswagen Verzeichnet Erfolge mit Rabattstrategie in China

Volkswagen shows success with its latest discount strategy in China. At the end of June, the German automobile manufacturer reduced prices for ID.3 by around 16 percent. The ID.3 is now available for a limited period from around 15,200 euros. This price reduction has resulted in more than 10,000 orders for ID.3 within a month, as Inideev reports.

May sales and market conditions

In May 2024, only 2,556 units of ID.3 were sold in China. Volkswagen and other German car manufacturers have to deal with considerable sales problems in China. German electric cars are considered relatively expensive in China and little equipped compared to local brands.

Competition with local brands

Although the orders have increased, Volkswagen remains behind the local brands. The Chinese manufacturer BYD continues to dominate the market and sold 29,081 copies of the E-Limousine Dolphin and 26,072 units of Atto 3rd in May. A decrease of 0.3 percent compared to the same month last year. Despite higher prices, Tesla comes to a market share of 11 percent.

Production and specifications of the Chinese Id.3

The VW Id.3 sold in China is produced in Shanghai in cooperation with the Chinese automotive group Saic and not imported from Germany. The Chinese ID.3 has an electric motor in the rear with an output of 125 kilowatts (170 hp) and a lithium-ion battery with 57 kilowatt hours. The range of the Chinese Id.3 is given as 450 kilometers.


With the price reduction of ID.3 in China, Volkswagen has a short -term increase in orders, but remains behind the dominant local brands such as BYD. The discount strategy shows that price adjustments are necessary to survive in the highly competitive Chinese market.