BMK environmental funding private charging infrastructure:

Applications can be made for funding for a wallbox or smart 3-phase charging cable. The following points must be observed:

  • 600€ per charging point for a one- or two-family house.
  • 900€ for a communication-capable wallbox in a multi-party house as a single installation or
  • 1,800€ for a communication-enabled charging station with load management when installed in a multi-party house as part of a shared system
  • Subsidy independent of vehicle purchase
  • Implementation of the project within 36 weeks after application
  • Application must be submitted before the first legally binding order is placed
  • The electricity must come from renewable energies

The implementation must be carried out by a specialist electrical company. Material and installation costs (installation costs only for permanently mounted wallboxes) as well as the costs of the basic structural infrastructure for shared installations in a multi-party building are eligible.

Further information and all conditions can be found on the website of KPC Austria. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!