Aero hub caps in black for the Tesla Model Y
Aero hub caps in black for the Tesla Model Y
Aero hub caps in black for the Tesla Model Y
Aero hub caps in black for the Tesla Model Y

Aero hub caps in black for the Tesla Model Y

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  • Optionally a set consisting of 4 pieces - or 1 piece (as a replacement)
  • Suitable for the Tesla Model Y
  • For original 19 inch Gemini rims
  • Visually similar to the Aero-Design hubcaps
  • Including clamps for secure hold
  • Color: Black matt
  • No special running direction as with the original Tesla hubcaps
  • Including wheel hub caps neutral without Tesla logo and sealing tape (see description)
Style: 1x hub cap (as replacement)
1x hub cap (as replacement)
4x hubcaps
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If you want to upgrade the look of your Tesla Model Y without buying expensive new rims, then the black hub caps in aero design are the perfect solution. The 19-inch Gemini alloy wheels are fitted with silver aero hub caps as standard, which can be easily removed and replaced. No additional tools are required for fitting. This set consists of 4 hub caps for the Tesla Model Y. Alternatively, you can also reorder a hub cap if you ever scratch one. Both the original Tesla Aero hubcaps and our black hubcaps in Aero design are fitted with clips that grip around the spokes of the aluminum rims and ensure a secure hold.

Our hubcaps are very similar to the original Tesla Aero hubcaps, but the black design gives your Tesla a much sportier look. In contrast to the original Tesla hubcaps, our hubcaps go over the edge of the rim so that the rims are not directly damaged in the event of a slight kerb impact.

These hubcaps do not have a specific running direction and can be fitted individually like the original Tesla Aero hubcaps.

Note: Both the original Tesla hubcaps and our hubcaps can cause minor but permanent marks on the rims underneath due to clamps that grip around the rim spokes or due to dirt and friction between the rim and hubcap. We accept no liability for this!

Note: The hub caps are supplied with neutral cover caps as an indicated wheel hub cover. Optionally, cover caps (4 pieces) are available separately as a set with Tesla logo in white! 

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