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Sonax Scheiben Enteiser - Shop4Tesla
Made in Germany

Sonax windshield de-icer

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  • Quick defrosting in seconds
  • Reliable protection against re-icing
  • No more ice scraping, supports pre-air conditioning
  • Contains glycerine to maintain the rubber strips
  • Pleasant citrus scent 
  • Bottle content: Promotional size 750ml
  • Made in Germany
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Sonax Scheiben Enteiser - Shop4Tesla

Sonax windshield de-icer

€7,49 €8,99

When frost and ice turn the windshield into an opaque barrier, Sonax's highly effective windshield de-icer is the solution. With its unique formula that is both thorough and protective, it is an essential accessory for every driver. A big advantage is not only that the scraping of ice is a thing of the past, but the de-icer also supports the pre-conditioning to de-ice your vehicle's windows.

Thanks to its advanced formula, Sonax windshield de-icer thaws icy windows in seconds. Simply spray on and watch as the de-icer melts the ice in an instant. What's more, it is not just a de-icer, but also a reliable protection against re-icing. It forms a protective layer on the windshield that prevents new ice and frost from forming. 

The Sonax windshield de-icer also contains glycerine, which not only melts the ice but also keeps the rubber strips supple. This not only protects your windows, but also extends the service life of your seals and rubber parts. Not forgetting the pleasant and refreshing citrus scent.

Application: Turn the spray nozzle to the appropriate spray position and spray the iced windows evenly and leave to work briefly, repeat several times if necessary. If necessary, remove the "ice slurry" from the windshield. To protect against re-icing, spray a thin layer onto the de-iced windshield again.

Warnings according to CLP regulation: 

Flammable Symbol: Flame

Signal word: Danger

H226: Flammable liquid and vapor!

Herkunftsland von diesem Produkt: Deutschland (mehr erfahren)