Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Versiegelung - Shop4Tesla
Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Versiegelung - Shop4Tesla
Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Versiegelung - Shop4Tesla
Made in Germany

Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Sealer

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  • Protection against dirt, insects and road salt on the treated surface
  • Simplifies vehicle washing for long-term use
  • Leaves a deep shine on the paintwork 
  • Si-Carbon Technology for velvety soft surfaces
  • Refreshes existing ceramic sealants
  • Bottle content: 750ml
  • Made in Germany

  • Shipping: Free from 50€ to Germany and EU. For Switzerland and Norway free from 150€.

Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Versiegelung - Shop4Tesla

Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Sealer

€15,90 €17,90

Do you want to give your vehicle a perfect shine and at the same time make cleaning it much easier? Then Sonax Ceramic Spray Sealer with Si-Carbon Technology is the ideal solution for you. The sealant offers many advantages for your vehicle care.

Comprehensive protection against environmental influences: Si-Carbon Technology reliably protects the vehicle surface from dirt, insects and road salt. This means your car stays clean for longer after application and is less susceptible to soiling.

Effortless car wash: The sealant makes car washing considerably easier. Dirt and insect residue can be washed off more easily without the need for aggressive cleaning agents or intensive scrubbing. This saves time and effort and ensures a sparkling clean vehicle.

High gloss without polishing: Si-Carbon technology gives you a high-gloss finish without the need for time-consuming polishing. With Ceramic Spray Sealer, your vehicle shines beautifully without the hassle of polishing and waxing.

Velvety soft surface: Si-Carbon Technology gives your paintwork a velvety-soft surface that not only looks beautiful, but also feels pleasant to the touch.

Refresh ceramic sealants: Sonax's special Si-Carbon Technology can also be used to refresh and strengthen existing ceramic sealants. This further improves protection and keeps the vehicle in first-class condition.

Application: Clean vehicle thoroughly, complete drying is not necessary. Shake bottle before use, open spray head by turning. Spray the product onto a microfiber cloth and spread evenly over the dry or slightly damp paintwork. Always treat contiguous areas. Then remove the residue with a dry microfiber cloth. Repeat the process if the color impression is uneven.

Note: Do not use on hot surfaces, do not allow to dry. Protect from frost.

Warnings according to CLP regulation:

Health hazard Symbol: Exclamation mark

Signal word: Warning

H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction!

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