Vehicle insulation for Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y
Vehicle insulation for Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y
Made in Germany

Vehicle insulation for Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y

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  • Noticeable reduction in driving and other noise
  • Sound rounding of the audio system
  • Pleasant and high -quality feel of the doors
  • Installation by Tesla specialists
  • Building service on site can be booked
vehicle: Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model S
Tesla Model X
Tesla Model Y
Scope: base
installation: D-42853 Remscheid
D-42853 Remscheid
D-53804 Much
D-79541 Lörrach
Mobile service (D) ( + 99 €)
Mobile service (EU + CH) ( + 199 €)
Mobile service (UK) ( + 499 €)
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  • Shipping: Free from 50€ to Germany and EU. For Switzerland and Norway free from 150€.


With Custom Tesla we have gained a partner with years of experience in the Carhifi area and in the area of ​​professional insulation. Custom Tesla has specialized in the insulation of electric vehicles, especially Tesla electric vehicles. Constant optimization and improvement characterize the special offer from Custom Tesla. Thanks to special exhibition equipment and special measurement technology, Custom Tesla makes every improvement measurable and reveals new potential in the area of ​​vehicle insulation.

With electric cars in particular, the acoustic perception of noises such as wind noise or rolling noise is significantly stronger than with conventional combustion vehicles. Especially here, there is a lot of potential in correct vehicle insulation. Custom Tesla starts here exactly where vehicle manufacturers stop.

But what are the advantages of professional vehicle insulation? First and foremost, it is about reducing driving and other noise. Other advantages are the sound rounding of the audio system and a pleasant and at the same time high -quality feel when closing the doors.

The following packages of vehicle insulation are available for you:

Variant base: Duration: approx. 1 day

  • Doors at the front & back
  • Penthouse (area under the back seat)

Variant pro: Duration: approx. 1 day

  • Entire "base" scope
  • Tailgate, tub and sides
  • Cotal fenders & wheel arches / wheel arches
  • Vehicle -specific noise (creaking, squeaking, etc.

Variant Ultra: Duration: approx. 2 days

  • Entire "base" and "per" circumference in modified technology
  • Vehicle floor & firewall (area between driver and front hood)

The insulation can be installed in the following locations in Germany:

  • 42853 REmscheid
  • 79541 Lörrach
  • 53804 Much

Alternatively, Custom Tesla offers a mobile installation service. This service can be booked for 99 euros across Germany. The mobile installation service for the EU and Switzerland can be booked for 199 euros. The mobile installation service for Great Britain can be booked for € 499.

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General information

The assembly takes place by our partner Custom Tesla. Please note the following information and requirements for installation.

Stay during assembly

You have our full understanding if you want to stay with your vehicle during assembly and want to take a close look at the work steps. However, we have to insist that the fitters can concentrate fully during work. In addition, a stay in the assembly area is not possible for insurance reasons. If you do not comply, we reserve the right to cancel the assembly and invoice the arrival.

We have structured processes and concepts for all assembly work that we do and the space is often cramped, especially in the mobile service. In your own interest (stumbling across vehicle parts, steps in etc.) should therefore be avoided "wugging around". We carry out a detailed vehicle documentation before and after assembly and control every single work area. In addition, we have strict internal guidelines for dealing with customer vehicles that ensure that there are no damage during assembly. If a misfortune still happens, we naturally stand by it, inform you and ensure a professional repair.

Nevertheless, we would like to give interested parties the opportunity to look into the "innards" of their vehicle. That is why we offer you to tell you which area of ​​the vehicle is particularly interested in and we set up a time window of 10 minutes in which you can be there during assembly.

Requirements for the assembly location:

The assembly can take place at different locations, including carports, garages, halls, underground garages and in the appropriate weather also on open private site. If it is the scope of "Pro" or "Ultra", the space must be paved and just be.

It is important that all four doors and the tailgate of the vehicle can be opened during the entire assembly time. Sufficiently weather -protected space is also required for the scope of "Ultra", for example in the size of a second parking space.

The vehicle must be weather -protected during the entire assembly period. In addition, a temperature of at least 10-15 ° C must be guaranteed for the processing of the material.