Audi integrates Chatgpt: Extended voice control in new models

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jul 01, 2024

Audi integriert ChatGPT: Erweiterte Sprachsteuerung in neuen Modellen

Audi has announced that the AI ​​Chatbot Chatgpt integrates into its current and future models. From July 2024, the voice control is expanded by Chatgpt, which enables a more natural interaction with the vehicle. Integration takes place via the Microsoft Azure Openai Service and the CERENCE Chat Pro system.

Extended voice control in Audi models

Audi models that are equipped with the modular infotainment kit of the third generation (MIB 3) from the model year 2021 will benefit from this innovation. This comprises about two million vehicles, including models such as the Audi A3. With the extended voice control, functions such as infotainment, navigation and air conditioning can be controlled. In addition, general knowledge questions can be asked during the trip.

Seamless integration into new models

The new system is also integrated into vehicles with the E3 1.2 electronic architecture, which is celebrating its premiere in the new Audi Q6 E-Tron. The existing Audi Assistant is expanded to include Chatgpt's skills. Users can activate the assistant as usual with "Hey Audi" or via the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel. The system automatically recognizes whether a vehicle function is executed, a goal is searched or a weather forecast should be called up. In the event of general knowledge issues, the Audi Assistant uses Chatgpt.

Data protection and security

Audi emphasizes the importance of data protection. Questions and answers are deleted after processing, and Chatgpt has no access to vehicle data. This ensures safe use of AI technology in the vehicle.

Future potential and other AI applications

Audi sees great potential in the use of artificial intelligence, not only to improve customer experience, but also to optimize corporate processes. Audi is already used in various areas, such as quality control in production and as a creative impulse in design.


The integration of chatt in Audi models represents a significant step towards a networked and intelligent vehicle environment. With the extended voice control, Audi offers its customers a safer and more user -friendly driving experience.