Calculation at VW: Models Id.4 and ID.7 affected

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jul 01, 2024

Rückruf bei VW: Modelle ID.4 und ID.7 betroffen

Volkswagen has announced a callback for models ID.4 and ID.7. Due to a possible safety -relevant problem, 105 vehicles in Germany have to check the workshop. A VW spokesman confirmed that a potential error was discovered in the course of quality assurance that must be remedied.

Security risk due to incorrect screwing

The recall affects vehicles from the year of construction 2022 to 2024. Specifically, it is about a possible incorrect screwing between the seat and the back of the front seat. In an emergency, this could affect the reservation of the seats and thus endanger the security of the occupants. "By incorrect screwing between the sitting back and the seating tray, it can lead to inadequate backing of the seat back, which in the event of an accident results in an increased risk of injury," said the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

Measures and customer support

Affected vehicle owners are currently contacting the Volkswagen service partner and asked to have their vehicles checked. If necessary, the incorrect screwing is replaced. The entire process takes about one to two hours. VW asks for understanding and emphasizes that the measure is carried out in the interest of the security of all road users.

Quality assurance and market observation at VW

VW attaches great importance to quality assurance and market observation. A spokesman for the company said that VW was also responsible for safety after selling a vehicle. "Our detective work begins with frequent feedback," said the spokesman. Experts are looking for the existing problem until they can find it and take appropriate measures. Only then will contact the KBA to inform all vehicle owners.

This recall shows that VW continuously is working on the improvement and securing of the safety of its vehicles. Customers can rely on possible problems to be recognized and resolved quickly.