Volkswagen Id.7 and Andreas Mindt honored at the AutoCar Awards 2024

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jul 03, 2024

Volkswagen ID.7 und Andreas Mindt bei den Autocar Awards 2024 geehrt

Electric ID.7 chosen as the best sedan

The ID.7 of Volkswagen was named the best sedan at the AutoCar Awards 2024. The jury described the ID.7 as "subtle, reserved and elegant". Andreas Mindt, chief designer at Volkswagen, was awarded the prestigious design Hero Award.

ID.7: Subtle elegance and excellent driving quality

ID.7 impressed the jurors with its silent sovereignty, which is so often associated with Volkswagen vehicles. “This large electric car is often underestimated; It is subtle, reserved and - you have to say it - elegant, ”said the jurors. “This electric sedan hardly makes any demands on your driver, offers excellent driving characteristics and intuitive mobility that make every trip to be bare. It's really excellent. "

Andreas Mindt: A Design Maestro

The design Hero Award for Andreas Mindt recognizes its immediate influence since his return to Volkswagen in 2023 and his 31-year-old career, in which he designed modern classics such as the Volkswagen Golf MK VII and the Audi E-Tron GT. Mark Tisshaw, editor -in -chief of AutoCar, emphasized: “Andreas Mindt brings a breath of fresh air to one of the world's largest car brands. After returning to Wolfsburg in February 2023, he only had a few weeks to design the ID.

Andreas Mind's words of thanks

After accepting his price, Andreas Mindt said: “I feel very honored to get the design Hero Award. This recognition is proof of the hard work and the commitment of our entire team. Together we found a way to develop the true Volkswagen design that is characterized by our design values: stable, personable and that certain something. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for the creation of vehicles that are well received by our customers led us to this milestone. ”

AutoCar Awards: A highlight of the automotive industry

The AutoCar Awards are among the most important events in the automotive calendar and appreciate the highest performance in the industry, including heroes from the areas of design, engineering and motorsport, as well as the best cars that are available in Great Britain in different categories.

Comment from Volkswagen UK Director Rod McLeod

Volkswagen UK Director Rod McLeod commented: “We are very happy that AutoCar - the oldest and one of the most respected automotive magazines in the world - honored with these awards. ID.7 is our top model among electric vehicles and combines everything people love in Volkswagen. It offers luxury with technical excellence and attractive everyday suitability and leads the electrification forward. It is also fantastic that Andreas won the design Hero Award, which is deserved. "

About the Volkswagen brand

In 2023, a total of 162,087 new Volkswagen cars were approved in Great Britain, which corresponds to a market share of 8.52 percent-an increase of 0.35 percent compared to the previous year. The third year in a row was the best -selling new car brand in Great Britain.