The NRGkick KfW Select 22kW with €900 funding!

von Nico Pliquett an Jul 14, 2021

Der NRGkick KfW Select 22kW mit 900€ Förderung!
The NRGkick KfW Select gives your electric car the necessary "energy"!
This charging station is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a mobile charging station and is looking for intelligent functions. We offer the 22kW version in our shop. Now some will be surprised: Only charging stations with a maximum charging capacity of 11kW are funded by KfW? That's true, but we include the corresponding wall socket. This allows your electrician to throttle your NRGkick to 11kW charging power and certify this. So your mobile charging station is still KfW-eligible. So if you already own an electric car with a maximum charging capacity of 11kW, you will have the option in future to de-throttle the NRGkick to 16A/22kW if a faster charging car is available. The following is included in addition to the wall socket: The charging cable with type 2 plug enables electric charging with all type 2-compatible electric cars. You can choose between a 5m- and 7.5m cable. It should be possible to serve every parking situation in this way. The NRGkick is a master of communication! The base is equipped with WLAN and Bluetooth. If that's not enough, you can optionally order the version with WLAN, Bluetooth, GSM, SIM & GPS. This means that the NRGkick is also internet-enabled on the go.
The NRGkick is also one of the safest loading units. It has thermal management and thus protects the connectors and cables from overheating. Other safety standards are the avoidance of arcing through automatic disconnection detection and protection against incorrectly connected sockets. Blackout protection and autonomous load management are also included. But a mobile charging station must above all be usable outdoors. To this end, NRGkick has added immunity to heat and cold from -40 to +70°C, IP protection class 67 and overrun protection according to IEC 62752 to the equipment. At least now we were convinced!

We would like to address the topic of intelligence separately. The NRGkick really collects points on this topic. The numerous communication options already mentioned using Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM/GPS/SIM are supplemented by the NRGkick Cloud and OPCC. This also enables detailed charging reports of the charged kWh and the charging costs via the NRGkick app. This great solution remains future-proof because over-the-air updates are not a problem. We found it particularly useful that loading reports are stored and documented based on location.