It will be increased - Another €300 million for private charging stations

von Nico Pliquett an Jul 16, 2021

Es wird aufgestockt - Weitere 300€ Mio. für private Ladestationen

It goes on again: According to the German Press Agency, the purchase and installation of private charging stations for electric cars will be increased. The program will be expanded by a total of 300 million euros, according to government circles. This major expansion is being financed from energy and climate funds.

Andreas Scheuer (CSU), Minister of Transport, called for an expansion of KFW funding to over 200 million euros at the beginning of July. Olaf Scholz (SPD) has now released a total of 300 million euros. That's a good thing, because the previous 500 million euros in funding from KFW were quickly used up. The demand for charging stations for the home is still very high. You can also have a wall box installed and subsidized if you don’t yet have an electric car or plug-in hybrid and thus make provisions for a future purchase. We offer many eligible wallboxes in our shop. Even our 22kW wallboxes can be reduced to 11kW by the electrician during installation.

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The subsidy amounts to exactly €900 per charging point. Funded costs include:

  • The purchase price of a new charging station (e.g. wall box) with 11 kW charging power and intelligent control
  • The cost of installing and connecting the charging station, including all installation work
  • The cost of an energy management system to control the charging station