We donate 8,000€ for the flood victims and for climate protection!

von Nico Pliquett an Jul 29, 2021

Wir spenden 8.000€ für die Flutopfer und zum Klimaschutz!

With every purchase from you also donate to climate protection. We have made this promise since the start of our shop for wall boxes. The donation is between €1-5 and €8,000 have already been raised (together with the other services of the ElektroHub) in the first half of 2021.

Unfortunately, our growth has not given us the time to invest this money in the last few months. But the summer allows us to breathe a little longer and we have thought hard about how we want to use the money. Although it was planned from the outset to invest in a climate protection project, the events in western and southern Germany have now made us change the plan a little: We have half (4,000 €) of our donation to the German Red Cross transferred for the flood victims.

Our managing director Nico Pliquett spoke about this donation in a video and also gave a small update on the company:

We will invest the other €4,000 in a climate protection project. We are currently still looking for a suitable project and will inform you about it here!

All the information about our sustainability promise once again:

For every future order in we will donate to a climate protection project.

  • For every order we donate 1 euro.
  • For orders over 250 euros we donate 3 euros.
  • If the order is even more than 1,000 euros, we will donate 5 euros.
  • So with every order you also contribute to climate protection.

    Since this promise, a total of 8,000€ have been raised, which makes us very happy. Originally we hoped for a total of around €10,000 at the end of the year. So we've almost surpassed our goal! Thank you!