Wallbox for on the go - The best mobile charging solutions!

von Nico Pliquett an Sep 23, 2021

Wallbox für unterwegs - Die besten mobilen Ladelösungen!

Which charging solution is the best for on the go? We made the comparison. For comparison: EVAlino, JUICE Booster 2 & NRGkick.

The EVAlino focuses on the essentials: charging. The reduced design makes the EVAlino small and handy and therefore perfect for on the go. It is compatible with all Type 2 electric cars (EN 62196 Type 2).

Of course, the EVAlino Wallbox can also be used to charge normally at home. There it can be connected to a CEE16 socket in order to be able to charge permanently with 11kW. The device has a residual current display.

The EVAlino is produced in Schleswig-Holstein and is therefore made in Germany. You can see our interview with the developer Torven Hartz here.

The JUICE Booster 2 is available in different sets and offers a comprehensive range of adapters. Thanks to this variety, it is possible to charge at household and industrial sockets that are common worldwide. With the JUICE CONNECTOR, a technology that comes from space travel, the Booster 2 can be easily connected to all the associated adapters or extensions and, if necessary, locked with the JUICE security lock, so that your JUICE Booster is protected from prying hands when you are out and about.

The integrated residual current circuit breaker protects the device, your car and most importantly: you from residual currents. The desired amperage can be conveniently set using a pressure switch before charging.

The JUICE Booster 2 no longer has to prove its suitability for everyday use. The compact aluminum housing is approved for a wheel load of 3 tons and is also waterproof.

With the JUICE Charger easy 1, JUICE Technology offers a solution for anyone who only wants to use the JUICE Booster 2 at home. The Wallbox offers the entire range of functions of the Booster 2 and is additionally supported by the KfW with 900€!

Probably the most technically mature product is NRGkick.

The device can be connected to the WLAN. With the free smartphone app, the NRGkick can now be accessed from anywhere thanks to the cloud-based service. Thus charging processes can be started, stopped and monitored at any time.

The NRGkick KfW Select 22kW variant, with which the NRGkick is permanently installed with the wall socket, is also eligible for €900 from KfW. With the wall socket, the charging power is reduced to 16 amps (11 kW). This is a requirement for the KfW funding.

The entire comparison is available as a video on our YouTube channel. Have fun!