Does electric mobility work in everyday life? We show you how to do it.

von Nico Pliquett an Dec 09, 2021

Funktioniert Elektromobilität im Alltag? Wir zeigen euch wie es geht.

On our YouTube channel we report regularly on all topics relating to electromobility. We recently started a new format: "Why do you drive electrically?" In this format we want to show that electromobility works without any problems in everyday life.

There are still massive prejudices due to incorrect or missing information, such as the "range fear" that is unfortunately still very present. The format is intended to clarify where the actual differences between the use of a fully electric car and a conventional one are

In episode 1 we talk to Stanley, who has been driving the Audi e-tron 55 quattro for over a year. The all-electric SUV from the upper middle class from Audi still impresses with its high level of comfort and consistently solid charging performance. If you are looking for the disadvantages of the e-tron, you will find them at the latest when you take a closer look at the consumption values.

The e-tron is Stanley's first electric vehicle. However, according to his own statement, the changeover was not a problem at all. At home he has a wallbox that he uses to charge overnight. So he can go about his daily routine every day without even having to worry about where and when to charge.

In the second edition Boris is our guest. Boris managed to get hold of a commercial leasing contract that would probably make a lot of people jealous. Boris has long been interested in electric cars of all kinds. One day, when he saw an ad for a Renault Zoe for € 0, he hit it. Since steering wheel heating and CSS connection are a must-have for Boris, at the end of the day he came up with a total leasing rate of €10 per month. Even if this is a rather rare case, Boris proves that e-cars, contrary to many opinions, do not always have to be expensive.

Rüdiger is enthusiastic about challenges. The Lübecker commutes from home to Hamburg and back every day. The e-car of his choice? The Skoda Citigo e iV. The small car, with its 36.8 kWh battery, has a range of just 258 km (WLTP). Combined, his commute to work, which he has to cover every day, is about 150km long. Anyone who has now done the math - 150 km a day with a total range of 258 km according to WLTP - will quickly notice that Rüdiger has to charge every day. Unfortunately, Rüdiger does not yet have a wallbox and is therefore completely dependent on the public charging network. So it happened one or the other time that the car switched off the heating by itself when the remaining range was too small in order to save battery capacity. Would he ever switch to a combustion engine again? In any case, his next car should be the all-electric Skoda Enyaq iV.

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