New in the shop: The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control 11kW

von Nico Hübner an Feb 08, 2022

Neu im Shop : Die Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control 11kW

New and now available in our shop, the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control 11kW. The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control is available with a cable length of 5 m or 7.5 m.

Very important: The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control is eligible for the KFW 439, 440 and 441!

The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control 11 kW is the first wallbox from Heidelberg to offer local and dynamic load management. As a result, several networked wall boxes distribute the charging current to up to 16 hybrid or electric cars. The available electricity is automatically output to the individual wall boxes as required. This process is completely automatic, without manual allocation. Each vehicle can be charged with up to 11 kW. As soon as a vehicle is fully charged, it will continue to be supplied with sufficient power if required, for example to be able to continue operating the air conditioning or auxiliary heating. When charging power becomes available, it is automatically distributed to the other connected hybrid or e-cars. The rated current of the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control can be set from 6 to 16 amps. This makes the wall box the right charging solution for garages, apartment buildings, company and hotel car parks. In addition, it is possible to protect the wallbox against unauthorized charging using an RFID reader or a key switch.

(Please note that this is not included.)

Another major advantage of the Heidelberg Energy Control is the interaction with your photovoltaic system. External control is permitted through the already integrated communication interface (RS485). This allows the Wallbox to be connected to your existing, in-house Home Energy Management System (HEMS). In this way, the excess electricity from the photovoltaic system can be used specifically for charging the electric vehicles. Conversely, the system only directs as much solar power into the wall box as is currently available. The Wallbox Energy Control thus guarantees consumption-optimized feed-in of your self-produced electricity during charging.

If you integrate the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control into your HEMS, you can also control and manage the charging system via the Internet. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be various apps available for monitoring charging processes or cost management. Thanks to the already integrated fault current detection, the installation costs are kept to a minimum.

Thanks to the existing front lighting, you can see from the outside at any time what the state of charge of the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control is. Like the ADAC test winner Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco, the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control also scores with high-quality and robust industrial production, which is carried out at Heidelberg according to the zero-defect principle.