Series start: VW ID 2 will be presented this year

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 12, 2024

Serienstart vorgezogen: VW ID.2 wird noch in diesem Jahr vorgestellt - Shop4EV

Volkswagen accelerates the introduction of his new small car ID.2. Originally planned for 2025, the battery -electric model is to be officially presented this year and sold from the beginning of 2025. VW thus prefers the premiere of ID.2 and extends its offer in the small electric car segment.

Compact and spacious design

The series model of ID 2 will be visually similar to the study shown last year. With a length of 4.05 meters and a wheelbase of 2.6 meters, the ID.2 promises a generous space despite compact dimensions. The trunk volume of 490 liters, which is outstanding in this vehicle class, is particularly impressive.

Battery options and reach

VW plans two battery options for ID.2. The entry-level version will be equipped with lithium iron phosphate cells (LFÜ) and have a capacity of almost 40 kWh. The larger battery variant will use a mixture of nickel, manganese and cobalt and offer around 55 kWh, which enables a WLTP range of up to 450 kilometers.

Price and competition

Volkswagen aims to offer the basic model of ID.2 for around 25,000 euros. Similar models from Skoda and Seat will also be expected in the next 18 months and are only just below the ID 2. Direct competitors include the Renault R5 and the Citroën ë-C3 as well as other models from the Stellantis network, which include brands such as Peugeot, Fiat, DS and Opel.

With the early start of ID 2, VW underlines its commitment in the area of ​​electromobility and offers consumers a new, attractive option in the growing market of small electric cars.