Volkswagen announces new electrical VW Tiguan for 2026

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 19, 2024

Volkswagen kündigt neuen elektrischen VW Tiguan für 2026 an

Volkswagen plans to expand its popular SUV line to expand another electrical model: the VW Tiguan. The new electric SUV is scheduled to come onto the market in 2026 and is based on the further developed MEB+platform. With this strategic decision, Volkswagen sets a clear sign of the future of electromobility and the preservation of iconic model names.

The future of VW Elektro-Suvs

According to reports from the automotive week, the VW Tiguan will probably be positioned in its electrical version between the models ID.3 and ID.4. The "A Main Suve" project indicates that Volkswagen further diversifies its product range in order to meet various market segments. The Tiguan EV is expected to be a main actor in this portfolio and could beat a bridge between traditional and new model names.

Timetable and new models

Volkswagen is pursuing an ambitious roadmap for the next few years:

  • 2025: Introduction of the VW ID.2, an affordable entry -level model in the electrical segment.
  • 2026: Presentation of the electrical VW Tiguan, based on the MEB+platform.
  • 2028: The iconic VW Golf will debut as an electric car on the new SSP platform.

In addition to the Tiguan, VW also plans an electric Touareg that will also be based on the SSP platform. This platform is considered a technological milestone and will be the basis for many future models.

Tradition meets innovation

The decision to convert traditional model names such as Golf and Tiguan into electromobility shows Volkswagen's commitment to keep existing customers and at the same time open up new markets. If the electric tiguan is well received by customers, other popular combustion models could follow in electrical versions.


Volkswagen continues to drive its electric offensive and relies on well -known model names to increase acceptance among customers. The electrical VW Tiguan, which is expected in 2026, could be a crucial step in this strategy. Stay excited about further developments and the official confirmation by Volkswagen.