VW ID. Unyx: The most unknown ID model from Volkswagen

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 20, 2024

VW ID. Unyx: Das unbekannteste ID-Modell von Volkswagen

Volkswagen is expanding its ID series with a new model: the VW ID. Unyx. This electric car, which is mainly intended for the Chinese market, was first presented at the Beijing Motor Show. The id. UNYX is the Volkswagen version of the Cupra Tavascan and is to be introduced in China as part of the "Id.UX" series by 2027.

Design and technology

The VW ID. Unyx shares many design elements with the Cupra Tavascan, such as the black A and B column and the vehicle width of light bar on the rear. With a length of 4,663 mm, a width of 1,860 mm and a height of 1,610 mm, it also resembles the Tavascan in the dimensions. In the interior, users can expect a modern cockpit with an instrument display, a 15-inch touchscreen and a head-up display.

Drive and performance

The id. Unyx will be available in two drive variants. The all -wheel drive version has a system output of 250 kW, while the rear drive is equipped with 170 kW engine power. Both versions differ from the drives of the Cupra Tavascan, whereby Volkswagen relies on a combination of rear and front engine.

Production and market launch

The VW ID. Unyx is produced by Volkswagen Anhui, a joint venture between VW and the Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group. This model is part of Volkswagen's strategy "in China, for China", which aims to produce and sell vehicles specially developed for the Chinese market. The id. Unyx will be the first model that comes onto the market with the new golden VW logo.

Future prospects

Volkswagen plans to reduce production costs by 40 percent by introducing the "Id.ux" series and the new China Electrical Architecture (CEA). These measures are intended to help VW to be able to better survive against competitors such as BYD on the Chinese market. An export of the VW ID. Unyx is currently not planned.