VW return: New design for future electric cars

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 21, 2024

VW Rückbesinnung: Neues Design für zukünftige Elektroautos

Volkswagen has decided to fundamentally revise the design of her electric car series after the previous models of the ID. This decision was confirmed by Andreas Mindt, the new chief designer at VW, in an interview with the automotive week. Mindt emphasized that the design of the current ID. Models was "too few Volkswagen" and that a realignment was therefore necessary.

New concept: back to the roots

The design of the upcoming VW ID.2 marks the beginning of this realignment. Mindt explains that Volkswagen wants to become "clearer, reduced and more objective" in design, similar to the classic models VW Beetle and VW Golf. This design philosophy should apply globally and is also intended for the Chinese market.

The ID.2, whose series version is expected at the end of 2025, already shows the new design direction. The concept of this model will serve as the basis for future electric cars from Volkswagen, both with regard to the external appearance and on the interior design.

Critical reflection and realignment

With the ID. Series, Volkswagen tried to break new ground and reach new customers, but the result did not meet expectations. The design of the vehicles did not reflect the brand identity and fell through many customers. The previous models, such as ID.3, were often perceived as unsuitable and visually not very appealing.

In the future, VW electric cars should again look significantly more according to their own brand. This also affects the interior design, which should be "simple but high quality". VW has learned from the previous mistakes and would like to correct them with the new models.

Future prospects

The realignment of the design is part of a comprehensive strategy of Volkswagen to bring your electric cars closer to the brand identity and to meet customer requirements better. The ID.2 serves as a pioneer of this new design philosophy and shows that VW is ready to learn from the past and look into a successful future.

With this new strategy, Volkswagen hopes to correct the mistakes of the past and increase the attractiveness of its electric cars. The return to the traditional design values ​​of the brand is intended to ensure that future models convince both optically and qualitatively.