Chatgpt now available in many VW models

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jun 21, 2024

ChatGPT ab sofort in vielen VW-Modellen verfügbar

Volkswagen integrates the well-known AI tool Chatgpt into many of its models and thus expands the functionalities of his own online language assistant Ida.

Simple and intuitive communication

Volkswagen vehicles from the new ID. Family, as well as the new Golf, Tiguan and Passat, now offer the opportunity to communicate in natural language with the help of Chatgpt. Customers can have researched content read and ask various inquiries without losing sight of the traffic.

Seamless integration and operation

Chatgpt is used via the voice assistant Ida. An existing "VW Connect" or "VW Connect Plus" account is sufficient to activate the digital assistant. The assistant is started with "Hello Ida" or by button on the steering wheel. Inquiries that the Volkswagen system cannot answer are forwarded anonymously to Chatgpt, whereby the privacy of the user is maintained.

Availability and security

The function is currently available in five languages: English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Czech and German. The operation was made possible by working with CERENCE Inc., a leading provider of AI solutions in the automotive industry. Chatgpt does not receive any access to vehicle data, and all inquiries and answers will be deleted immediately in the sense of data protection.

With the integration of chatt into her vehicles, Volkswagen again underlines its innovative strength and democratized progressive technologies in order to make them accessible for a broad mass.