VW ID.3: Electric alternative to the Golf strong in the upswing

von Constantin Hoffmann an Jul 10, 2024

VW ID.3: Elektro-Alternative zum Golf stark im Aufwind

The Volkswagen ID.3, the electric car in the size of the golf, is currently experiencing a remarkable increase in sales. After a long phase of cautious demand, the ID.3 is now very much in demand. It is particularly striking that 81 percent of the current approvals are no longer available to private customers, which indicates a high level of acceptance in the private sector and has less to do with company leasing or similar business practices.

An important factor for this success are the attractive leasing conditions that VW currently offers. Thanks to these favorable leasing options, many customers choose the ID.3. In addition, the facelift introduced in autumn 2023 and the new electrical GTI option, the ID.3 GTX, further increased the interest of the buyers.

Leave competition behind

With these measures, ID.3 managed to significantly overtake the Chinese competitor MG4. This is remarkable because the MG4, which comes from Saic, is a strong competition due to its lower price and comparable attractiveness. The ID.3 is currently one of the top 3 of the best -selling models in Germany.

Market shares and positioning

Despite the general criticism of VW in relation to electric cars, the German Group in Germany has the highest market shares in the electric market market. With a market share of around 16 percent, VW leads to Tesla, which is in second place with 11.5 percent. Other German and European brands are followed by a clear distance.


The Volkswagen ID.3 shows impressively that the German automobile manufacturer is still a strong player in the electric car market. Thanks to attractive leasing conditions, a fresh facelift and the new GTI option, ID.3 has significantly improved its position on the market and proves that VW is able to successfully master the challenges of the electric market.