The Volkswagen ID.3 gets a facelift earlier than expected! Major innovations in software and in the interior!

von Nico Hübner an Jan 31, 2023

Der Volkswagen ID.3 erhält früher als erwartet ein Facelift! Große Neuerungen an Software und im Innenraum!

In 2020, Volkswagen will introduce the ID.3, the first electric car to be built on the pure electric platform (MEB). Much earlier than originally planned, Volkswagen announced that it would give the popular ID.3 a facelift and some new important updates. In the spring of this year, VW will present the facelift variant to the public. In addition, all models that have already been configured and ordered will be delivered as a facelift variant. “The new ID.3 confirms our claim to quality, design and sustainability. "The design is becoming more mature, the materials in the interior are of higher quality," says Imelda Labbé, Board Member for Sales, Marketing and After Sales at Volkswagen.

VW states that it has accepted and implemented numerous suggestions from customers as product improvements and enrichment of the standard equipment. “The new ID.3 will be delivered with the latest software generation. According to VW, this improves system performance and is able to receive updates "over-the-air" via the network. The standard equipment has also been increased: a 12-inch display, the removable luggage compartment floor and the center console with two cup holders are now standard. In addition, the materials in the interior are of significantly higher quality. The plastic is to be softer and the dashboard and door panels are to be covered with imitation leather, including visible seams.

On the outside, the front and rear bonnet and bumper are getting an update. With the facelift, these no longer appear playful, but more striking and make the ID.3 more mature. In addition, the previous dummy taillights that protrude into the trunk will be illuminated in the future.