No "charging brick" with the electric car? We have an alternative!

von Nico Hübner an Apr 21, 2022

Kein "Ladeziegel" beim Elektroauto dabei? Wir haben eine Alternative!

Tesla is removing the mobile connector (UMC) for all orders placed on or after April 17, 2022. But the so-called charging brick for use with a Schuko socket is not only no longer included with Tesla, but also with Volkswagen, for example, it is not part of the standard equipment and must be ordered separately or bought later. But this mobile charging solution is very important, especially for electric car owners who also like to charge on the go, for example with the family or even on vacation trips.

We have a particularly good alternative for this in our online shop. We regularly recommend the EVAlino to our customers as a full replacement. This mobile charging solution comes with a CEE16 (charging up to 11 kW) and Schuko plug adapter. You can easily charge your electric car at home or on the go at any time. This mobile charging solution is suitable for all electric cars with a type 2 connection. Another advantage, the EVAlino is manufactured regionally in Schleswig-Holstein. More adapters for the EVAlino are available in our online shop.