Our TOP 3 wall boxes! - Stiftung Warentest 1st place for the go-eCharger!

von Nico Hübner an Mar 02, 2022

Unsere TOP 3 Wallboxen! - Stiftung Warentest Platz 1 für den go-eCharger!

We have good news for you! Our TOP product, the go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW, took first place in the wallbox test of Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC. In the test, the go-eCharger shines with a safe and reliable charging function and a very good app.

You can call up all charging data at any time via the app, but you can also start and stop the charging process manually. The go-eCharger does not have a permanently integrated charging cable, but if you want the charging cable to be permanently integrated, you can lock it firmly. The cable cannot then be stolen.

For more information about this wall box, we would be happy to link you to our article on the go-eCharger that we have already written.

We would also like to introduce you to two more wall boxes. These were also convincing in the test and are available in our shop.

The Commander 2 from Wallbox impresses with its large 7-inch touchscreen, which is hard to find. This means that the wallbox can be controlled directly. Alternatively, the Commander 2 also convinces with a very good app. The charging process can be authorized using an RFID card, PIN or app. The Commander 2 has an integrated charging cable.

The Commander 2 from Wallbox is available with a 5 meter or 7 meter cable. You can also choose between the cover colors white or black in our shop.

The Easee Home Wallbox is also available in our shop and was convincing in the test. The Easee Home also has an APP that impresses with its uncomplicated handling and intuitive usability. Are there several electric vehicles? No problem! The Easee system can be expanded with up to two additional charging boxes. Simply plug & play, of course! It's cool that you can change the cover at any time and customize your Easee very easily.

A suitable AC charging cable for all wall boxes without an integrated charging cable is available in our shop. All wall boxes are fully eligible for funding from the KFW. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you!